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Based in Milan and Singapore, we go beyond the conventional marketing agency.

We specialise in amplifying marketing, branding, and PR efforts across diverse sectors – startups, lifestyle, beauty, and hospitality. Think of us as your in-house team, guiding you through marketing, branding, PR, and website development.

Our mission is simple: to fuel your business growth with tailor-made solutions that match your needs and budget

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A seasoned marketing and PR expert with almost a decade of experience driving growth for companies like Quincus,, XA Network, CÉ LA VI. With a knack for scaling companies from 0 to 1, she understands the intricacies of early-stage SMBs with tight budgets.

Carmelita’s passion lies in helping small businesses succeed by blending creativity with strategic thinking, guiding them from inception to expansion. As a fractional marketing director, she’s committed to making a big impact for companies of all sizes.


As an accomplished Creative Director, Amira operates at the intersection of brand strategy, creativity, and technology.

With her background in luxury real estate and hospitality and nearly a decade in Milan’s dynamic creative scene, she harnesses a unique blend of artistic flair and strategic acumen, enabling her to solve brand and business challenges and propel them to success.

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