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What Is a Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck, also known as a start-up or investor pitch deck, is your business’s introduction to potential investors. It’s a concise presentation that provides a snapshot of your vision, mission, and growth potential. Think of it as your foot in the door to securing a meeting with potential investors and ultimately securing funding to fuel your business’s growth.
pitch deck creation

Why Pitch Deck Is Not One Size Fits All

Crafting the perfect pitch deck is an art form. While you may have a wealth of information to share about your business, it’s essential to keep your pitch deck concise and engaging. Most industry experts recommend including 10 to 20 slides to ensure investors can quickly grasp your business concept without feeling overwhelmed.

Instead of following a “one-size-fits-all” template, your pitch deck should be customised. Create different slides tailored to specific audiences. This enables you to easily swap your slides in and out to fit individual investors. Every company is different, and you want to make sure the audience can feel and resonate with your company brand instead of adhering to a template. Ensure that your company is unique to grasp their attention. This includes branding, copywriting, visuals, and flows.

pitch deck creation

Tailored Solutions, Unique Outcome

At Luxe Lab Creative, we understand the journey of entrepreneurship and the importance of authentic storytelling. With our team by your side, we’ll collaborate closely with you to understand your business, goals, and audience, ensuring your pitch deck is not only visually stunning but also deeply resonant.



We’ll start by understanding your objectives, team dynamics, and target audience.


Deck Structure

We’ll craft a preliminary deck structure aligned with your vision and objectives.


Draft Development

We’ll create the first draft of your pitch deck, capturing your essence.


Feedback and Revision

We’ll incorporate your feedback to refine the deck further, with a specified number of revisions included.



Once all feedback is incorporated, your pitch deck is ready for deployment.


If you only need design help (pre-seed – Series A)
$450 SGD / 395 EUR


Perfect for founders who are just starting out (pre-seed – Series A)
$550 SGD / 495 EUR


For mid-stage startups

$990 SGD / 875 EUR

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